PRACTICE AREAS Expertise in dispute resolution

When looking for an expert law firm around Paris and in France, calling for the services of Duta & Associates France and will be at your advantage.

Our team has all the skills and qualifications required in mediating various disputes before French courts. Our expertise in human relations also allows us to assist and advise our clients in resolving the various legal problems they face.

Expertise in dispute resolution

Divorce, dismissal, business problems, abuse of power, breach of trust, real estate eviction, no matter the sector, there can always be litigation following a disagreement. Duta & Associates law firm has recognized expertise in conflict resolution. We are able to intervene and represent you before local courts to defend your interests and your rights. As mediators, our lawyers know the various laws and texts that govern the constitution and use them in your favor. Our lawyers also take on the role of advisor in the drafting of contracts, commercial leases, marriage contracts, service contracts, etc.

Our areas of expertise

Duta & Associates Paris / France acts in most areas of expertise for legal professionals. In particular, we assist our clients in matters relating to labor law, commercial law, business criminal law, company law, tax law, real estate law, social security law and labor law. family.

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A dispute concerning your social security rights in Paris or in France? Use the services of a lawyer specializing in security law to assert your full rights.

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